Questions? Call 1-800-518-0080
Questions? Call 1-800-518-0080
Yoga & Meditation

Washington DC Yoga and Meditation - Reduce Stress!

Refresh and Rejuvenate Your Staff

Desk Flow (Chair Yoga)

Yoga at work! This DC corporate yoga class is made for the workplace. Yoga poses are adapted for the office setting.  No mat needed, this class can take place seated and/or standing while in regular work attire.

Mind Flow (Mindful Meditation)

Your team needs to take a moment to regroup and refresh if they are going to perform their best. Guided, mindfulness-based meditation will help them do just that! Our instructors are trained to make any office space work for their class. Sessions are 45 minutes long and led by a trained instructor. (Meditation can also be incorporated into a Desk Flow or Yoga Flow class)

Yoga Flow

These in-office, Washington, DC corporate yoga classes are designed to relieve stress and tone the body. We will work with you to determine the best space in your office for the class. Classes are 60 minutes long and they are led by a trained instructor.

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Thank you so much for making our massages this year easy and enjoyable! I know everyone loved Jessica and Mary and the feedback has been wonderful! Jessica and Mary were both polite, professional, on time, and personable. I couldn’t be happier!

Moore Colson, HR Specialist

I've been booking Spa Flow for around the last 3 or 4 years to come out to my office for chair massages. Booking is hassle free. This is probably one of the favorite things that we do for our staff and it's really cost effective.

C. Varner, Reliant Technologies

SpaFlow absolutely BLEW us away from the initial interaction to the end of the event. Quote to payment, I felt like all of my questions were answered and that the process was safe and secure. We will definitely be booking with Spa Flow again!

L. Boehmler, ControlScan
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