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Questions? Call 1-800-518-0080
Spa Parties

Mobile Spa Parties in Washington, DC

Weddings, showers, and soirees seem to occur year-round in the DC metro area, and they are all perfect for at home spa parties! Chair massage is great way to offer massage at your next gathering.

5 minutes or 30 minutes…..4 guests or 100,  we will come to you!

Easy and fun!

Your guests are seated in a professional massage chair and the service is focused on the neck, back, shoulders (and it can also include the arms and hands).


Relaxation music & room aromatherapy will enhance your rejuvenating experience.

Mingle & Massage (Chair Massage)

5-30 minute chair massages per person on a first come, first served basis.


The minimum appointment time is 1 hour. Appointments are scheduled by the hour and half hour, and not per person.


For Example: If you schedule 2 hours of chair massage and have 8 participants, each guest can receive a 15 minute chair massage. If only 6 guests attend, then your therapist will adjust the time and each guest will receive a 20 minute chair massage.


Group Table Massage

Need a little more than chair massage? Try our 30 and 60 minute table massages. One or more therapists can help your guests unwind with full-body massages. Your therapist will arrive with their massage table, sheets for the table, massage lotion/oil, and relaxation music.

  • Signature Massage
    Relaxing de-stressing massage that uses light to medium pressure and combines various massage techniques for an experience that best suits you.
  • Deep Tissue Massage
    Focuses on deeper, slower strokes and is designed to help relieve chronically tense and contracted muscles such as stiff necks, and lower back pain.

How does it work?

  • If you are ready to schedule, just give us a call!
  • Not sure what you need? Give us a call or fill out our quote request form. Based on your number of participants, event duration, and budget we will make recommendations that will work best for your event.
  • To confirm your appointment, we require a *credit card at time of scheduling. No deposit is taken and no funds are held on the credit card. Payment is charged at the completion of your appointment. A maximum of 2 credit cards can be used to pay for an event. Cash and credit card payments are not accepted on site. (Cash tips to the therapist on-site are OK).
  • On your appointment day, your therapist will arrive with all of their supplies. Your massage therapist can set up off to the side of your guest or in a separate room. Each therapist will need about 5ft X 5ft of space to accommodate the massage chair. A table massage therapist will need about 11ft x 9 ft of space per table.
  • To enhance the experience your therapist will provide relaxation music and room aromatherapy (optional) during your event.
  • Prepare for the Ohhhhs, Ahhhhs, and Thank you’s!

*Corporate clients: We do not require a credit card at time of scheduling. Corporate clients can remit payment by check or credit card. Check payments are net 15 days.

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Thank you so much for making our massages this year easy and enjoyable! I know everyone loved Jessica and Mary and the feedback has been wonderful! Jessica and Mary were both polite, professional, on time, and personable. I couldn’t be happier!

Moore Colson, HR Specialist

I've been booking Spa Flow for around the last 3 or 4 years to come out to my office for chair massages. Booking is hassle free. This is probably one of the favorite things that we do for our staff and it's really cost effective.

C. Varner, Reliant Technologies

SpaFlow absolutely BLEW us away from the initial interaction to the end of the event. Quote to payment, I felt like all of my questions were answered and that the process was safe and secure. We will definitely be booking with Spa Flow again!

L. Boehmler, ControlScan
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